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Member of staff responsible: Mrs Diggory


• Year 10 students are entitled to ONE week work placement
• Year 12 students are entitled to work placements during enrichment time


A work experience programme will be delivered during assemblies for Y10. This is to introduce work experience, explain how to organise a placement and explain the benefits of work experience. Blue forms and letters to parents will be issued.

Blue Form

Once a placement is organised the blue form needs to be fully completed and returned to Mrs Diggory.

Work Experience Support Services and the Database

Once the completed blue form is received, the form will check logged onto the Work Experience Support Services website. In addition, any health care needs or special needs will also be logged and a copy of any appropriate documentation attached.

Work Experience Support Services will organise a Health & Safety visit so that the relevant checks can be made to ensure that the placement can go ahead.

Once the employer has been visited, provided the Health & Safety Checks are sufficient the placement will show as cleared on the website. A parental consent form containing details of the placement and a copy of the job sheet will be sent home with the student. The parent is to sign and date the yellow form and return to school. The job sheet is to be kept by the parents as it contains details of the work placement.

Arranging an Induction

The student must email or telephone to introduce themselves and/or make an appointment to visit the company for an induction. If the appointment is made within the company’s office hours and this is also in school time, then students must get written permission from their teachers and Form Tutor to attend. A mutually agreed date is important so that examination work is not compromised.

Preparation for Work Experience

The Work Experience Module is delivered in PSHE slots in Y10.

Students are given a work experience diary to take with them to record their learning along with a reference form to hand to their employer. It is important students ask their employers for this reference before they finish their placement and bring it in to school on their return.

Students will also be issued with the school emergency contact details. An email/letter will be sent to the employer.

Work Experience Debrief

When students return to school after work experience, a debrief session will be delivered.

After/during this session, students will:

• Complete any missing parts from the Work Experience Diary
• Write a letter to their employer thanking them for their support, etc. while on the placement.
• Complete a student evaluation form