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Visual Impairment

If your child has a visual impairment or you are concerned that your child has a visual impairment that is impacting on their learning, you can contact the Specialist Support Service Visual Impairment team or ask the school SENCO for a referral for a VI assessment.

The VI service deals with the full range of visual impairment (blindness, partial sight, and deafblind or multi-sensory impairment).

We will: –
Liaise with parents and other relevant professionals involved with visually impaired children.
Assess levels of functional vision of children referred for assessment and liaise with appropriate ophthalmological agencies.
Assist the LEA in the preparation of Education, Health and Care Plans by providing specialist information and advice.
Attend Annual Reviews and monitor the effectiveness of specialist support.
Plan and deliver the specialist curriculum needs of visually impaired pupils (Braille, Moon, Keyboard Skills, and ICT software/hardware, etc).
Deliver INSET for teaching and non-teaching staff and others.
Plan strategies and modification of resources in consultation with subject/class teachers to facilitate access to the curriculum.
Mobility and orientation skills within school environments and transition to alternative settings

For further information please contact:

Samantha Turnbull (Team Co-ordinator)
Directorate for Children, Young People and Families
Children and Families Services
Specialist Support Service

Visual Impairment Team
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Tipping Street
Stafford ST16 2DH

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Mobile: 07807 132581
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