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Dear Parents and Guardians,

As the colder, wet weather approaches, I feel that it is important to reiterate the school’s expectations for uniform. Maintaining high standards of presentation is critical in setting the tone for learning, but it is also imperative that students are warm and comfortable in order to progress in their learning. Pupils are a representation of the school whilst wearing their uniform and we ask that these standards are up-held to and from school, as well as in local shops.

Limiting the possibility of the transmission of Covid-19 is paramount presently. This means that students are encouraged to be outside, and windows and doors are open to ensure there is as much ventilation as possible. Students might therefore find that their classrooms are cooler than normal. It is important therefore that:

Pupils ensure that they keep warm and dry when outside. A waterproof coat is an essential currently so that their uniforms do not become damp and cold;

Coats are too bulky to wear in class therefore will not be allowed in classrooms. This means that pupils will need to wear a plain black V-necked jumper or V-necked sweatshirt (so that their tie can be seen). This does not have to have a school logo.

Some students might find that they still need an additional layer, therefore base layers such as thermal tops or T-shirts can be worn under their shirts.

There will invariably be occasions when a student has not got an item of clothing. It is suggested that families have sufficient uniform to have one to wash and one to wear as the wearing of jeans or leggings is not an acceptable alternative if items are in the wash.

It is requested that if students are not in the correct uniform, for whatever reason, they either bring a note from home to explain when the issue will be rectified, or the school office is contacted.

On a final note, it must be made clear that hoodies, of any description: over the head, or zipped, are categorically not allowed on the school premises. These items are not school uniform and the aim is to avoid any confusion or conflict over them being worn inside or outside. As a clear rule of thumb, hoodies are not allowed and will be confiscated if worn

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