01543 622600



Dear Parents/Person with Parental Responsibility,

This letter is intended to serve as a quick reminder of our procedures for attendance, absence and late arrivals at school for safeguarding purposes and under our current Covid-safe operations.

If your child is absent from school we ask that you advise us daily please before 9am, either by emailing office@nortoncanes-high.staffs.sch.uk or by telephoning 01543 622600, selecting Option 1 for Student Absence and leaving a voice message with full details.

We ask that you are as specific as possible when providing the reason for absence. If this is unclear you will be contacted in order for us to ascertain why your child is not in school. This allows us to maintain accurate attendance records, and given the current public health situation allows us to monitor the incidence of any students who may be displaying Covid symptoms.

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