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The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden.

– Pierre Bourdieu

Lead Teacher: Mrs E Gregory

Have you ever thought about…

  • Why some people are so rich and others so poor?
  • Why some are so powerful and some so powerless?
  • How society works?
  • How we all get along together without anybody organising it?
  • Why do you learn some subjects but not others?

Sociologists set out to answer these sorts of questions. They look at the world just like a geographer or a historian might, but they look at it from many perspectives that can see the same thing but disagree about what it means.

Skills gained studying A-Level Sociology are invaluable for a wide range of careers, including education, journalism, health, management, business, criminology, law and politics.

By studying Sociology at Norton Canes High School you will follow the AQA A-Level course, working through the mandatory units of the course of education, crime & deviance and theory & methods, as well as two optional units of families & households and global development.

You will learn about key Sociologists, concepts and theories as well as learning how to apply your learning to answering exam questions. You will be encouraged to look at a variety of media sources to keep up to date with Sociology in the news and signposted towards a vast range of other resources to expand your sociological mind, see an example of this linked on this page.

You can also follow the Sociology department on Twitter @NCHSSociology for updates and direction to useful information. For further information speak to Mrs Gregory in room 44 or email e.gregory@nortoncanes-high.staffs.sch.uk


Curriculum Overview Sociology

Resources for sociology

Expanding your Sociological Mind