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Whether it’s for entertainment or for learning, children and young people can access vast quantities of online video content at the click of a button.

But this can mean that they may see something that is intended for adults which might confuse or upset them.

Our new family activity sheet includes:

•Conversation starters to help parents and carers talk to their child about what they like watching online
•Actions they can take to help their child stay safe
•A fun family task to encourage them to explore their favourite videos together

Download the family activity sheet

#OnlineSafetyAtHome has changed

Over the summer, we’re offering support for parents and carers in a different way.

Instead of home activity packs, you’ll receive links to new articles, video guides and short activity sheets that encourage parents and carers to have conversations about online safety.

You can still access all of our home activity packs for use with children and young people on our website.

New and updated articles for parents

Alongside our family activity sheet, parents and carers can also access advice on:

•Watching videos online and how to keep their child safe
•Teens viewing sexual content on social media and how to talk to them about what they might see
•What to do if they are worried about their child seeing something inappropriate online
•What to do if their child has seen something inappropriate online

6 apps and services that every parent should know about

It can be really difficult for parents and carers to keep up with the latest apps and services that their child maybe using online.

Share Parent Info’s handy summary of 6 of the most popular apps and services to help them understand how they are used and what are the risks.

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