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Update 12:00 20th April

Advice from Co-Op gift vouchers.

The cards were activated on 9th April.

However, a small number of cards have not been activated, this should be actioned over the next couple of days.
The distributors can find no reason why your cards are not working.
Cards can be sensitive and for this reason the Stores are instructed to swipe slowly,  as swiping too hard can damage the card.
As an alternative action, the checkout staff can manually enter the full Card Number (21 numbers) in the till.
If the card will still not swipe, they  request the Checkout operator input the card number.


Update 09:30 14th April

Free school meals
Compliments Select Parent and Carer FAQs

Click on the link for full document  DfE_FreeSchoolMeals_ParentCarerFAQs


Update 15:00 2nd April

Please see  links below outlining – Family Action’s COVID– 19 (Coronavirus) Emergency Grants Scheme: Family Action has launched a fundraising appeal to help families and individuals that we are working with who are struggling with food insecurity and other financial pressures as a result of the COVID– 19 outbreak.

COVID- 19 Eligibility Criteria

COVID- 19 Application Process


Update 15:50 a.m. 26th March

Hello to our Norton Family,


Well school is very quiet without you and we are missing you!

How has the first week been?

I know that the vast majority of you have tried really hard to adapt to your remote learning and I am proud of you.
It has really cheered up the staff to hear about your virtual group learning and group chats and you have been really creative with your learning in such challenging circumstances.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in messages and pictures.

Keep in touch with teachers and keep asking questions to keep your brains active. Watch the website and don’t forget to follow on Twitter @HighCanes and solve Mr Farley’s Question of the Day!

Remember we are all here still for you and if you have any worries talk to the staff, remember Mr Stokes’ assembly and different places to get advice.

Stay safe and well and support each other with that great Norton spirit.


There is a lot of information on the website through the Gov UK updates on home learning with lots of advice for parents and links to many online sites.

You do have to keep clicking on links to find what you need but it is all there.

There is also very sound advice about ‘social distancing ‘ and reminders about vulnerable groups, shielding groups and how everyone can stay safe including video clips.

Please read also about scams, difficult to comprehend at such a time but they are targeting parents whose children are eligible for free school meals. Our vouchers have now been posted to you.

Pupils in school have been a credit, they are working really well, showing great team spirit and observing rules for social distancing and hand washing. Please do respond to the email sent by Mrs Diggory as to whether your child or member of your household falls into a vulnerable or shielding group. Pupils should not be on site without GP advice if this applies.

The school answerphone is checked regularly by office staff working remotely as are all emails. I will contact you about Easter provision next week.

Thank you everyone for your support through this difficult time.

Keep in touch and of course most importantly stay safe and well.

Miss Birchall


Update 11:50 a.m. 26th March

If you are a parent of a pupil(s) who are attending school or may attend please tell us if members of the household fall into the vulnerable or shielding group

Vulnerable People & Sheilding Group

Update 12:00 a.m. 24th March

A great article by Carolyn Webster-Stratton offering advice

Keeping-Calm-and-Providing-Supportive-Parenting-During-the-Coronavirus (002) (002)

Update 9:30 a.m. 20th March

We now have guidance from government defining the key workers that allow pupils to access childcare provision in school to allow our parents and carers to continue with the wonderful jobs they are doing to support our nation.

The guidance states that if it is at all possible for children to be at home then they should be.

Please read the full guidance whether you require childcare or not.

SURVEY LINK CLICK HERE   Please complete this by 12:00 noon today

Key worker Groups

Guidance for schools, colleges, local authorities on maintaining educational provision.

Complete the survey if you are requiring childcare. If you completed the survey last night, you do not need to do this again.

Only specified pupils will be allowed onto the site.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

The staff at this school are truly amazing and we will continue to do everything we can to support our families through this.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Miss Birchall



March 18th Written at 4.00 PM

We are continuing to keep our school as safe and clean as possible. We are not allowing visitors into school and we are exercising social distancing wherever possible.

All pupils have had an assembly today advising them of how we will continue to provide their education in the case of school closure. They have been asked (and we have provided opportunity) for them to check that they:

Know how to access the school OneDrive
Open your web browser
Type in portal.office.com as a URL
Your login is your school email address
Your password is your school login password
Check your emails using the ‘outlook’ icon. When teachers share files with you, you will receive an email notification.

Understand how to access Show My Homework
This is where the majority of lessons will be set. We are checking today that pupils can access Show My Homework as this will be one of our main communication tools for learning during a closure. If there are any issues, please can we ask that you inform school as soon as possible.

For more information on how to log on and use the resources, we have information on our website via the student section on supported learning.

For ease of access, there are links here for information on Show My Homework and documents to show pupils how to set themselves up for GCSE Pod. GCSE Pod can be used by any year group but is most tailored to GCSE level students.

Show My Homework


How to communicate with teachers via school emails and show my homework

The update on March 16th also provided details of other sites that pupils could access, please refer to these too.
We are going to run as normal a timetable as possible and expect pupils to access 5 lessons a day. We ask that a good routine is established and a quiet area if possible is provided for learning to take place (preferably not their bedroom with phones etc.) There is also information about how to access music lessons for those pupils receiving instrumental lessons.

All pupils will be provided (apart from year 11) with a book where they will record all of their work for all lessons throughout the period. Each lesson should be dated. If a pupil is unwell or there are other circumstances that prevents learning, this should be recorded in the book.

Staying Safe
There is information on the website advising pupils how to stay safe, numbers to call and they have been given advice on looking after their mental health as well as their physical health.

Pupils in receipt of free school meals
Pupils will be issued with a voucher for the Coop for £20. This will be issued to pupils before leaving school if possible, if not they will be posted out.

Updates will be provided via the website

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