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Dear Parent,
A New Year is underway. I hope it is a good one for us all and that you had an enjoyable Christmas break.
We welcome three new teachers this term. Mr Queensborough and Mr Parton who have joined the Mathematics faculty and Mrs Roberts who is teaching Psychology and Law. They have settled in already and I hope that they have a long and happy future with us.
Last term we reviewed the way in which our progress directors work. Instead of leading year groups, each progress director led key areas and held specific responsibilities across all year groups. This worked well last term and these teachers will now join the extended senior leadership team as Assistant Associate Headteachers.
Mrs Tuli is still responsible for year 7 and transition. She is also monitoring the consistency of behaviour and attitudes including attendance, punctuality and a ready to learn mindset, she will be monitoring the consistency of subsequent sanctions across all years to ensure a fair and consistent approach.
Ms Powell is leading on personal development and pupil wellbeing she is responsible for PHSE, diversity and mental health awareness and is responsible for the tutor groups. She will still be working on the transition and options programme for year 9 pupils.
Mr Windsor is in charge of Post 16, careers and preparing pupils for their next stage. He is also tracking the progress and academic standards of pupils across all year groups ensuring that students meet their full potential and that early intervention is in place to keep them on the right track to fulfill their aspirations.
When making contact with school with any query please make contact with your child’s tutor in the first instance. However, this will assist you with understanding areas of responsibility and expertise. Please also see the website for staff contact details.
Year 11 have received their mock results and should now be working very hard to put a clear plan of action into place. It is entirely possible to raise their current grades by 1 -2 grades with clear goals on what to do next. It is vital that they access the revision sessions that are on offer and make full use of the GCSE Pod. Year 11 parents’ evening is on January 22nd 4pm – 7pm, appointment slips were issued with the reports that went out on January 15th. I urge you to attend to enable you to understand how best to support your child through the forthcoming examinations.
We endeavor as staff to monitor the progress of all pupils continually and therefore you may occasionally receive a standard email that alerts you to a slight dip in progress in a certain subject. This is not intended to cause undue concern it is designed to alert parents early on that it is something to ‘keep an eye on’. It could be a particular topic or personal circumstances. If there were a dramatic change in progress, you would receive a telephone call from the concerned member of staff.
A number of pupils are arriving at school without their necessary equipment for the day. Items can be purchased from reception but it makes for an unsettled start to a lesson when staff have to find pens etc. There is a full list of the required equipment on the school website. Punctuality has improved this term. We have introduced a warning bell before the start of period 1 and 4 to assist pupils. Pupils who are late to school sign in with a member of senior staff and attend a detention at lunchtime.
As part of our behavior policy we operate after school detentions, you will always receive a text by 1.30 PM if your child has been issued with a ‘same day’ detention. It is so important that all parents work with us as part of the home/ school agreement to ensure consistency and fairness and I appreciate your support with this.
We have been lucky with a mild winter so far, in the case of school closure due to unsafe conditions a message will appear on the school website by 6.30 AM. If, as a last resort school is closed during the day you will receive a text message. Please ensure that you have a contingency plan should your child be sent home during the day.

Thank you for your continued support, with best wishes for 2020.

Miss Birchall