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Catch-Up Funding and Spending 2019-20

Catch-Up funding is additional funding, provided by the Department for Education, to support pupils in Year 7 to make progress, where they have not achieved the national average of a score of 100 in reading and/or mathematics at Key Stage 2.

The DFE have not yet currently allocated the Catch-Up funding to schools for this academic year; it is expected in February 2020. The number of pupils who qualify for Catch-Up Funding in this cohort is 28.

Actions already implemented

• A group of pupils, identified by their KS2 English score, are already in receipt of additional Literacy in a small group with the specialist English Tutor, for one hour per week.
• Some pupils have been identified, in liaison with the school’s Assistant SENDCO, and are receiving small group teaching of basic Literacy and Numeracy from HLTAs and Teaching Assistants.
• The school has already paid for Staff training in ‘Fresh Start’ – a phonics intervention aimed at securing basic phonics awareness and recognition in Year 7 pupils. This is now being delivered to a group of Year 7 pupils, 4 times a week.
• The school has introduced ‘Hegarty Maths’, initially with Year 7 and 11, but subsequently it has been rolled out to the rest of the school. Hegarty Maths is a website which has been carefully designed and structured to provide a learning tool to support students and teachers; it has a short video and quiz for almost every topic assessed on the mathematics curriculum up to Grade 9 GCSE. Norton Canes High has recognised that pupils find it a challenge to continue to study once they are at home but Hegarty is engaging, interactive and current. It uses interactive resources, modelling and quizzes to show pupils how to understand mathematical concepts and apply them in the exam.
• Recent research in Education has proven that there is a direct link between a pupil’s vocabulary size and their academic achievement. Narrow vocabularies affect pupils’ grades. Helping students to improve and widen their academic vocabularies is essential if standards and outcomes are to improve. With this in mind, Norton Canes has purchased ‘Bedrock Vocabulary’ which is an online program which teaches vocabulary explicitly, whilst encouraging reading. It targets the academic vocabulary they need to succeed in school.

Catch-Up Funding and Spending 2018-19

The amount of money provided was based on the 2017-18 allocation with an adjustment to reflect the percentage change in the size of our year 7 cohort between the October 2018 and the October 2019 school censuses. Schools and academies do not have to spend the grant in the financial year allocated; they may carry forward some or all of the grant to future financial years.
Norton Canes High School was awarded approximately £15,780 in February 2019. The number of pupils who qualified for Catch-Up Funding in this cohort was 24.

Literacy and Numeracy Strategies enabled by the Catch-Up funding 2018-19:

• Employment of an English and Maths Coach to teach small groups has allowed groups of pupils to receive small group teaching to improve Literacy and help them to secure skills identified by their class teacher.
• Use of the school’s ‘Skills’ slot; a 25-minute period, everyday dedicated to improving skills in Reading, Spelling or Numeracy for all pupils.
• Annual renewal of Bedrock Vocabulary, which is completed every week in Skills, along with it being the routine homework task for year 7 pupils.
• Delivery of Accelerated Reader to assess, track and monitor reading ages across the whole school but to allow Year 7 pupils under-achieving to be monitored and offered intervention.
• Teaching Assistant and Year 12 Reading Mentors assigned to all readers under the national average NRSS of 100: Catch-Up Year 7 Readers given priority allocation to staff mentors.
• Refresher training in reading strategies and questioning for all Teaching Assistants and Year 12 Sixth-formers.
• Purchase of new Accelerated Reader reading books, aimed at readers between the levels of 2.0 and 4.0 (under national average for reading) to ensure lots of variety for pupils to choose from.
• Introduction of V.I.P.E.R.S reading comprehension skills in English lessons, and to Year 7, to encourage reading for meaning and avoid passive reading.
• Use of Ninja Numeracy Mental Arithmetic Booklets, twice a week, to improve pupils’ quick arithmetic.
• Renewal of Hegarty Maths, which is set as pupils’ routine Maths homework.
• In September 2019, the Maths department purchased licenses for La Salle’s ‘Complete Maths’ programme. This is a very precise way of tracking, assessing and planning Maths lessons to ensure focussed outcomes, building on prior skills and knowledge. The programme enables pupils to complete formative, diagnostic assessments which facilitate quicker intervention strategies. The programme also has a ‘Times Tables’ app, to support the consolidation of times tables.