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June 10th 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

I am pleased to inform you that the Governors have approved our plans for Years 12 and 10 pupils commencing June 15th.. It has also been passed to the LA.

I hope that the plan is self-explanatory and that the notes page at the end of the plan will address any questions that you may have. If anything is not clear please contact the school office. Please read this through with your child as it addresses key safety points whilst in school.


We have had a health and safety committee working hard to complete the risk assessment which has been approved by governors and also forwarded to the LA. Please read this also:

Risk Assessment NCHS

In the next five weeks leading to the end of term pupils in both year groups will come into school for an individual tutorial session followed by small group teaching in English Maths, Science and a group tutorial. Year 12 will be offered some A level lessons. We are hoping to ensure that your child has a really clear understanding of what they should be doing at home to ensure good progress is being made and that we can resolve any barriers to their learning. We ae really looking forward to seeing our pupils again!

Your child has been placed in a group A – J (1- 3 for year 12) and you will be contacted by the teacher in charge of the group via email to arrange an appointment time for your child. The appointment will be given after completion of a medical questionnaire. Please be aware that the staffing situation in school is a changing one and therefore any staffing plan is subject to change. Pupils in year 10 who are already attending school should continue to do so and join the appropriate sessions.

It is really important after the initial completion of the medical questionnaire that you inform school if circumstances change.

Pupils are not expected to attend if they are in the extremely vulnerable group or live with someone in this group. If a pupil is within the clinically vulnerable group medical advice should be taken first. If a pupil lives with someone who is clinically vulnerable they can attend if they can adhere to strict social distancing and your GP approves this decision. Of course a pupil cannot attend school if they or anyone in the household are confirmed Covid or are showing symptoms or waiting for test results or have been contacted by NHS test and trace. This applies if they or a household member have been in contact with anyone that any of these factors applies to.

It is your choice as to whether your child attends school and we will support your decision if you choose to keep your child at home.

Are you in the Extremely Vulnerable group? Those usually in receipt of NHS letter or advice from clinician.

See Gov.uk



Are you in the Clinically Vulnerable

See Gov.Uk. Further information.



The booklets that have been prepared will be available as a hard copy for your child and will also appear on the website on June 15th.

Details for the assessment week are being formulated now and will be forwarded to you in due course.

There is a wealth of guidance on the Gov.uk site. You may want to read the ‘Guidance for Parents and Carers’ publication. We have followed the ‘Actions for Wider opening of schools’ ‘Secondary School Guidance’ and ‘Implementing Protective Measures’ which you may also want to refer to.

Guidance for Parents available here

Please do not hesitate to contact school if there is anything that you are concerned about. Staff are working really hard through challenging circumstances to offer the best remote learning experience possible being mindful of individual family circumstances and the wellbeing of our families and pupils.

Thank you as always for your support.

Wishing you and your families good health.


Miss Birchall