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Dear Parents and Carers

As the time for the submission of teacher assessed grades fast approaches, I wanted to outline an addition to the evidence collection process for mathematics.

Given the breadth of topics and skills required by exam boards to award GCSE grades, it is felt that to optimise the outcomes for our students, and to give an additional layer of GCSE evidence, pupils will sit an online internal examination.

You will be familiar with the Complete Maths platform as previous Maths assessments have been completed using this remotely. In addition to the topic assessments that pupils are undertaking in lessons, they will also be sitting a Complete Maths assessment in the week commencing 17th May. The examination will be sat in the IT rooms and will be in examination conditions. Pupils who are in receipt of access arrangements will receive these.

It is important to stress that this is not the sole assessment that will be used to award GCSE grades; this will be part of the jigsaw. That said, for those pupils who feel they might not have sufficient evidence currently, they now have the opportunity to add to this evidence bank. Similarly, those that have a secure range of evidence can see this examination as an opportunity to strength or even improve their evidence bank and indeed final grade.

Pupils will be guided to the specific topics to revise for the examination and should refer to Satchel One for guidance, along with Hegarty Maths, to support their revision. Your support in reinforcing the importance to revise, would be hugely appreciated.

Should you have any queries regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact me via r.pitt@nortoncanes-high.staffs.sch.uk


Kind regards,

Ms R Pitt

Associate Assistant Head Teacher: Director of English and Maths


Letter to parents re Maths exams