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All lessons have a duration of one hour. Lessons follow our 4 to start, 4 to finish system which allows for crisp starts to learning and calm ends to prepare for transition to the next lesson.

All lessons start with a “5 a day” Do Now task. This is a short activity that is waiting for pupils as they enter and lasts for five minutes. It consists of questions that prepares pupils to succeed and settle into learning. The reviews and recalls knowledge from previous lessons.

During the lesson, tasks will be directed at three levels – success, challenge, super challenge – to ensure learning stretches all pupils.

Pupils are encouraged to present their work according to the Norton Standard.
1. Write in blue or black pen.
2. Draw everything in pencil including diagrams and add titles/labels.
3. Underline using a ruler.
4. Begin with a Capital Letter and end with a full stop.
5. Write in full sentences.
6. Mistakes should have a single line through them – don’t scribble out.
7. Do not tear out pages or leave blank pages between pieces of work.
8. Colour in pencil crayons only.
9. No graffiti.
10. Rule off at the end of each piece of work.

Pupils have a curriculum overview sheet in the front of their books which tells them about what learning will take place throughout the year/course.

Work is marked with effort and progress grades. Effort: 1 – 6 Progress: AGE
Following marking pupils are asked to respond to the feedback, in class or for homework in green pen. This may be in the form of answering a question or a more extended DIRT (Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Task).
This is set on Show My Homework. More details can be found in the Show My Homework section of the website. Homework consists of written pieces, learning for tests or exams, research tasks or flipped learning to prepare for the next lesson.