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School Curriculum Statement

Norton Canes High School’s ambitious curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils experience a rich, varied and diverse journey regardless of their starting point and educational needs. Tailored provision, with appropriate resources, for most able, disadvantaged, and pupils with SEND, is embedded throughout our curriculum design.

With an agreed deadline to be ready for September 2020, the curriculum, across all subject areas, is being reviewed. The purpose of this is to ascertain that the sequence of learning is further refined, recognising prior Key Stage 2 learning, to ensure that schema for all subjects are built upon solidly, building not solely towards the GCSE goal, with appropriate degrees of ambition, challenge and opportunities to embrace cultural capital. The curriculum aims to ensure that cross-curricular opportunities are embraced and readiness for life beyond school is developed. Knowledge is built upon from unit of work to unit of work and understanding is checked through routine, low-stake tests and formative termly assessments, culminating in end of year examinations for all year group, in the summer term. Celebration of achievement is recognised through formal assemblies and prize giving events. Subject areas are given autonomy to design their curriculum structure, each having their own rationale, which embraces and acknowledges the subject specialisms and expertise supported by a thorough, on-going CPD programme.

Proud to offer breadth, challenge and enrichment opportunities throughout a three-year Key Stage 3, pupils study the full breadth of subjects, in accordance with the National Curriculum Programmes of Study, recognising the importance of a well-rounded, broad educational journey. At Key Stage 4, all pupils are offered a full range of GCSE options, which are studied over a two-year timescale, supplemented by the opportunity to prepare for life beyond school by undertaking work experience and Financial Education classes. At KS5, students choose from a range of subjects, based upon prior experience and future goals. These are enriched by completing the Extended Project Qualification and a further opportunity to complete a work experience placement. Across all key stages, the curriculum is structured around the profile of each cohort, as well as shaping personal pathways for individual pupils. We work to the Gatsby Benchmarks and ensure pupils have impartial careers guidance and excellent exposure to apprenticeship programmes and university links.

Developing pupil leadership is key through our enrichment programme including Student Council, Safeguarding, Anti Bullying and Autism Awareness Ambassadors and an ECO committee. PHSE, assemblies and diversity days help to further embed British Values, Personal Development, Healthy Minds and the celebration of diversity. The principles of the curriculum from the pupils’ perspective is ensuring that pupils can answer two key questions:

1. What can you do well in this subject?
2. What do you know you need to do to improve in this subject?

The structure of the curriculum is designed around a two-week timetable of 50 one-hour lessons. In addition to this, pupils also undertake 25 minute ‘Skills Periods’ where pupils are overseen by their Form Tutor who follows the pupils’ journey from the start of Year 7 through to the end of Year 11. Skills periods facilitate the enrichment of literacy, numeracy and study skills, in addition to supporting pupils’ pastoral and well-being needs.

At Key Stage 3, pupils study:
• 6 English, Maths and Science lessons;
• 4 French, PE and Design & Technology lessons;
• 2/3 of Art, Geography, History, ICT, Music, Religious Education lessons and

At Key Stage 4, all pupils over the fortnight, study English Language (4hrs), English Literature (4hrs), Mathematics (8hrs) and Double-Award Science for GCSE (8hrs). Pupils also study Creative iMedia at Level 2 (5 hrs) Pupils then have a choice of at least one EBacc subject: History, RS, Geography, or French. Pupils are given the option of studying two further choices from: RS, History, Geography, French, Sport Studies, Food and Nutrition, Product Design, Art, Music and Business Studies. All of these options are allocated 5 hours per

A more detailed plan of the curriculum can be seen in the curriculum structure.

The list of courses studied at KS4 are as follows:


English Language
English Literature
Combined Science
Art & Design (Fine Art)
Design & Technology
Food Preparation & Nutrition
Religious Studies

Cambridge Nationals

Creative iMedia
Business Studies
Health & Social Care

Btec First

Sports Studies

Additional GCSEs


A summary of curriculum content can be found by following this link