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Our School Careers Advisor is Gaelle Holford

T: 0333 300 1900

M: 07725 620538

E: gaelle.holford@entrust-ed.co.uk

W: www.entrust-ed.co.uk

Follow this link for a list of guides to the different careers related to the subjects you study, and most importantly what each person had to do in order to get into that career.

Decision points in school:

Year 9 options – Students choose a number of subjects to study for GCSE or equivalent.

Year 10 Work Experience.

Year 11 –  Post 16 options.  Students are supported by the in making the right choice for them once they’ve completed their GCSEs.

Year 12 Work Experience.

Year 13 – Post 18 options – Students are supported in applying for higher education or apprenticeships or other choices they may wish to make.

Careers Information

Work Experience Information

CEIAG – Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Mapping

Year 7 CEIAG Map

Year 8 CEIAG Map

Year 9 CEIAG Map

Year 10 CEIAG Map

Year 11 CEIAG Map

Year 12 CEIAG Map

Year 13 CEIAG Map