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Effective behaviour management is essential for the smooth running of the school. This is based on respect for the individual, the balance of fundamental rights and responsibilities together with the fostering of a sense of community for all of those involved. The philosophy of our school is based on inclusive principles which recognises and respects diversity, strives to promote equality and give both rights and responsibilities equal weight.

The School’s Positive Behaviour Policy therefore seeks to develop in students an acceptance of responsibility for their own learning and behaviour and to exemplify ways in which the school endeavours to remove barriers to learning and support the individual in developing their full potential. The school recognises the importance of teaching behaviour for learning and does this explicitly through the curriculum and implicitly through example.

To support the School Values by ensuring that:

Everyone has the right:
To feel safe and secure in school
To be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration
To learn/teach without unnecessary interruption
To be listened to
To work in a pleasant environment for learning
To be treated fairly

Student responsibilities are:
To be prepared to listen and learn
To control his/her own behaviour
To let others work and make progress
To sort out disagreements without resorting to physical/verbal aggression
To respect property
To work to the best of their ability

The full Behaviour Policy is available here

The School anti-bullying policy is available here