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What is Room 6?

Room 6 is a designated space for the use of students that have been offered extra support through Staffordshire county council’s Autism Outreach Team. The resource is staffed by a team of communication support workers and a specialist teacher. We have a large room with some small areas adjoining for 1:1 time, chill out space or private working areas. We have a small kitchen area for making refreshments.
Our aim is to support students to achieve their potential in mainstream education, gaining independence, confidence and qualifications. We encourage peer socialisation and expose students to a wide range of social situations. The staff working within the resource ensure that each student allocated a place has a very personalised learning experience, mixing in-class support with peer sessions and 1:1 mentoring to enable all students to make progress at their own pace whilst tackling their own diverse targets.

Wider School Impact

We work closely with the Inclusion Team in school, offering support, guidance and resources for all students with Autism in the school.
We do awareness assemblies, run peer groups and hold support groups so all students with autism feel confident, listened to and fully able to deal with their anxieties.
We secured a bid of over £21,000 to build a Mindfulness Garden in a disused area of the school to be accessed by all students and the local community. We have continue to encourage use of the garden but have expanded this to cover wider ecological projects throughout the school and looking at how the garden can support mental health, well-being and mindfulness. We have close links with the Norton League of Ladies who kindly offer donations to further furnish the garden.
We work closely with pastoral staff in the school to help support the mental health of all students. We hold lunchtime drop in sessions for students who may need to chat or be signposted elsewhere for further professional help.
School staff are regularly updated on the Autism Education Trust Tier 1 training. Many of the staff from Room 6 have a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
Places in Room 6 are only allocated through the Local Authority and this will be reflected in the student’s EHC plan. The school has no decision-making powers over who is allocated a place in Room 6. However, students supported by Room 6 are on roll at Norton Canes and are treated as an equal member of the Norton family.

Mission Statement

The Autism Resource Base at Norton Canes High School is a place of nurture, support and progress. Through a high level of knowledge and skills, staff work closely with the wider school and subject teachers to offer a personalised learning experience for every student, designed to promote academic, social and emotional progress with an emphasis on fulfilling individual potential. The aim of the provision is to produce independent, empowered, successful students who have gained the grades they are capable of and have mastered techniques to help them manage their autism.

“Pupils who have special educational needs or disability make good progress from their starting points, including those in the Resource Base, because their needs are quickly identified and met.” Ofsted 2016

“It’s good here knowing that if school is hard or causing me anxiety, I always have someone that can help me” CE
“I really don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t come to Norton … completely changed me as person for the better” EJ