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Please follow the Astronomy link for course information.

Follow the student guide for a week by week breakdown of the course


Space FM is a great supporting website – updated for the 9-1 GCSE

BBC bitesize astronomy

Watch 60 Years of The Sky At Night on the BBC iplayer

Exam dates are listed on the student guide


Past papers can be accessed here

Sample 9-1 exam questions cover the new specification


The syllabus can be viewed here

Pages 8 – 21 for paper 1,

Pages 23 – 41 for paper 2


Revision booster packs and key facts notes are available below:

Astronomy Topic 1 Booster    Topic 1 Key Facts Notes

Astronomy Topic 2 Booster    Topic 2 Key Facts Notes

Astronomy Topic 3 Booster    Topic 3 Key Facts Notes

Astronomy Topic 4 Booster    Topic 4 Key Facts Notes


Slideshows for the course:

week 1 Intro to Astronomy co-ordinate system etc.

week 2 Intro to RA and dec

week 3 Circumpolar stars and sidereal days

week 4 Exploring the solar system

week 5 Near Earth Objects

week 6 The Solar System

week 7 The Earth

week 8 Observing space from Earth

week 9 Controlled Assessment Launch

week 10 The Apollo Program

week 11 The Sun

week 12 Sunspots and Fusion

week 13 The moon, sun and Earth

week 14 Time and Aurorae

week 15 The Heliocentric Solar System

week 16 HR diagrams

week 17 The search for life in the universe

week 18 Collections of Stars

week 19 Life of a star

week 20 Stellar Distances

week 21 Variable Stars

week 22 Classifying Galaxies

week 23 The Milky Way

week 24 Active Galaxies

week 25 Redshift

week 26 The Origin of the Universe