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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
Pablo Picasso


Head of Department: Miss A Evans

The Art & Design Department is led by long serving member of staff Miss Evans. This subject is taught through Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 and has always proven a popular choice at GCSE Level.

Within the Department all students have the opportunity to work and explore using a wide range of media and techniques, whilst developing an ability to handle different creative materials.  All Key Stages use sketchbooks to record ideas and to present their work as well as working on separate larger scale sheets. Through these formats, primary and secondary source observations are seen. This additionally accompanies evidence of critical contextual links by investigating into the work of various relevant Artists, Designers, Architects, Craftspeople and Cultures. Contrasts between ancient, historical and contemporary reference styles are also made to support connections to class learning.

The Art Department consists of two specialist rooms, where a colourful environment is seen through the displays of work which showcase inspirational ideas to support students to gain ideas for their own work.

All pupils are responsible for themselves and to respect the Departments rules. This is further embedded through developing an understanding and application of safe working practices.

Fundamental skills are taught and embedded during KS3 Art & Design lessons. This supports students who wish to progress into KS4 and KS5 Art & Design studies. The practical skills and knowledge securely learned in lower school helps to support the development and progression and proficiency of their future work.  This build-up of skill base has shown that upper school students become more confident and develop the ability to think and work independently, therefore allowing for a more personalised feel to their work to be generated.

Students are encouraged to be proud of their work, achievements and progress and to share ideas offering responsible feedback to their peers and to respond to class discussions. Regular use of analysis and self-evaluation processes is applied to strengthen the development and visual impact of the work which they produce.


Curriculum Overview Art

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