Whole School Watches Solar Eclipse

This photograph of today’s solar eclipse was taken by Mr Farley. The whole school gathered on the yard with special eclipse viewers to see the phenomenon. Students without  viewers watched the event via the BBC. Thank you to Mr Windsor who co-ordinated this whole school activity. Read more about the solar eclipse here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk.

Prior to the eclipse, students spent a couple of science lessons learning about solar and lunar eclipses and the science of pinhole cameras.  Most pupils made a pinhole camera with which they could view the eclipse. Some members of 8B have written a report about their work in local junior schools teaching KS2 pupils about the eclipse and helping them make pinhole cameras (coming soon in our newsletter).

Following the eclipse, pupils worked on a literacy activity writing a magazine article which explains the scientific ideas  along with the cultural and spiritual significance of a solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse in Norton
The solar eclipse in Norton

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