Students study Edexcel GCSE 9-1 Combined Science.

2019 GCSE Science Revision Plan

2018 GCSE Required Practicals Checklist

GCSE Science 6 mark questions practice

Past papers on

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Exemplar exam answers and examiner comments for Biology, Chemistry and Physics


Science GCSE topic practice booklets


Physics ALL GCSE Topics Edexcel Knowledge Mats

Physics GCSE-9-1-Sciences-Physics-equations

Use the Science Command Words Grade Booster.docx with every question you practice


Study guides and workbooks can be purchased by following the links below:

Higher Tier Study Guide

Foundation Tier Study Guide

Exam Practice Workbook.


Past exam papers and markschemes are available from Edexcel  here

BBC Bitesize pages for science are available here

Science revision videos are available here

Students find Primrose Kitten really good for revision



Y7 Science Curriculum Plan

Y8 Science Curriculum Plan

 Y9 Science Curriculum Plan  

  KS4 Double Award Science (Y11)

Y11 Double award Chemistry Curriculum Plan

Y11 Double award Physics Curriculum Plan

Y11 Biology Double Award Curriculum Plan

KS4 Triple Award Science (Y11)

Y11 Biology Triple Award Curriculum Plan

Y11 Triple Award Chemistry Curriculum Plan

Y11 Triple award Physics Curriculum Plan