Norton Canes High School is proud to subscribe to SAM Learning and have been a case study school for targeted intervention using the system.  Students are able to access the service at anytime and anywhere from a PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.  Students can log in and complete interactive tests, exam practice questions and exam papers, while staff can assign homework and monitor students’ progress. SAM has a proven track record: studies have shown that using the service leads to better exam results.  Studies show that students achieve 2 GCSE grades on average better than expected with as little as 10 hours or more use of SAM Learning.

All students have their own logins and all activities they complete are saved within their profile so they can see their progress.  Covering more than 20 subjects, students can use SAM Learning to revise and test themselves using a variety of different formats that are fun, engaging and challenging.

Students can tackle a choice of revision, using drag and drop and test practice which essentially means that students do and mark their own work.  In exam practice, every single mark is identified by the examiners who wrote the question so we see time and time again that students benefit from improving their technique, their confidence and as a result their results.  Students can tackle activities independently or those that are set by teachers.

  • More than 5 million students have used SAM Learning to improve their grades.
  • Using SAM Learning for just 10 hours across the year will increase expected attainment by 2 GCSE grades, on average.
  • SAM Learning is, on average, used by over 100,000 students every day.
  • SAM Learning have more than 70,000 activities across 27 subjects to help you revise.
  • Students can challenge friends to beat their scores and keep up with their progress on a live leader board.


Accessing SAM Learning

All they need to do is visit the website and enter the school’s unique centre number and their own unique login details.

Our Centre ID: WS1NC

Your username and password are by default: Date of birth followed by your two initials: first name then last name. Example: 010800DJ is the User ID for David Jones born 1st Aug 2000.– Norton Canes FASNA feature

  • what is SAM Learning– parent guide