Story 4


Staff and students at Norton Canes High School are feeling excited about the new royal baby. Yesterday, the royals arrived at Baker Street underground station in London at 11:10am and the astonished crowds gathered at the nearby platforms. News of this reached Norton Canes High School and got everyone to think about what a new royal baby means.

 A teacher said, “I think that it’s really lovely that they are having a baby. It’s excited everyone, hasn’t it?” When asked about the change to the law, meaning that the firstborn will become the heir to the throne, irrespective of its sex, Mrs Dewally said, ” In this day and age, especially as we have a female Queen now, it seems right that there is equality. Why should it be the first born boy and not the first born? Actually I’m quite hoping that it’s a girl because I think it would be great for the law to be passed and straight away for us to see it become a reality.”

Most staff and students share Kate’s excitement about the new royal baby but Mr Shaw a member a staff said, ” I am totally opposed to the concept of the royal family. I don’t think anything more about the royal baby than I would about anyone else’s baby.”
At the underground yesterday, Kate was presented with a brooch saying baby on board. She was reported to be delighted with the gift. Kate appeared smiling and in good spirits in photographs. Whatever the outcome there are sure to be many smiles from the general public when the baby arrives.

By Hollie and Elliott