Story 3

“Aspiration Nation”

The cuts revealed by George Osborne yesterday have created a stir with UK residents. Osborne revealed a budget plan that he claimed was “a budget for an aspiration nation”. These cuts were designed to start in two years’ time and to help the country out of its appalling debt problems.
The residents of Norton Canes are worrying about the prospects of the future that the changes will bring. When asked, the Bursar of Norton Canes High School expressed her concerns about the financial future of her two teenage children, “I can’t see that there is any vision to help anybody in the future”.
As the country experiences a double dip recession, people across the country are having to reduce their spending. 

The government decided that they were going to change things such as alcohol, housing, income tax and pay. Wine and spirit prices have increased by 10p and 53p respectively however the plans for a rise in fuel have been axed.
A pupil who enjoys motor cross and has aspirations for a future in the sport, is concerned about the cost of petrol even though it hasn’t yet risen. He believes that the price should be lowered as it costs too much for him to travel from place to place. When Miss Birchall, Headteacher, was asked for her opinion she said, “All schools have been on the edge of their chairs and waiting for the new budget to arrive.”
Although the government is also putting new housing schemes in place that enable families to receive help when buying new properties and new home owners will only have to pay a 5% deposit on their property, all of the people interviewed in Norton Canes didn’t find much to be pleased about.