Story 2

Snow Hazard Returns

The weather has been very unpredictable recently and weather forecasters predict that
snow is to continue throughout April. Staff and Students at Norton Canes High School have
begun to panic as many daily routines may be changed by the predicted bad weather.
The much planned Year 7 Charity Coffee Morning is likely to be affected.

Beth from Year 7 had this to say, “I have to get the bus every day so if the buses stopped
because of the snow I wouldn’t be able to get to school.” Her friend Kate added, ” I walk so it
is not that much of a problem for me because I live locally however I could slip over and hurt

Mrs Briggs, Year 7 and 8 Progress Director said, “We have had snow on the previous 2
coffee mornings, however it has never been bad enough to cancel. If it was very bad then
the coffee morning would be postponed.”Also affected are the day-to-day school routines,
Headteacher, Mrs Birchall, mentioned, “When snow is forecast Mr Bird and some other
teachers all phone around and decide what we will do. Sometimes it is safer to bring
students in.” 

When asked who makes the decision she said, “That would always be Mr Bird,
the site supervisor, and if I’m on site, which I always make sure I am if school is open, he’ll
talk to me. But usually he is my eyes and ears for Norton Canes when there’s really heavy
snow, because I live a long way away from here so sometimes I can’t get here either but
really its Mr Bird and our Health and Safety Manager who is Mrs Horsley.” Teacher Mrs Briggs
referred to this policy, “It’s difficult because some students don’t come in, which means you
only have half a class so you have to repeat the work taught when all the class is back in.”
Generally, everyone hopes that the weather disruptions will be kept to a minimum and that
spring comes around soon.