Story 1

Rolling to Shoot Some Hoops

Pupils at Norton Canes High School had the privilege of playing Wheelchair Basketball
on Enrichment Day, on Friday 15th March 2013. This is a special day where all years do
different activities each period.

The PE department arranged this exciting experience by hiring Alan Caron, Wheelchair
Sports Coach, to lead sessions and to teach the pupils how to play. He demonstrated the
rules, the skills and encouraged them to just have fun with the wheelchairs.

Mr Cresswell – PE teacher told BBC news report, “That the whole experience was trying
to keep the spirit of the Olympics in the school.” He also said, “That the pupils were a bit
apprehensive at the start but then once they went around and felt the chair they thoroughly
enjoyed the experience and didn’t want to leave.”

Some Year 9 girls expressed that “The experience was great and they would like to play
wheelchair basketball regularly because they loved to experience and would play the game
again.” Mr Cresswell said that if sponsors could be found to fund the purchase of the equipment,
he would be happy to include Wheelchair sports as part of the PE curriculum.

Any interested parties, please get in touch!

So that shows how Norton Canes High is inspired by the Olympics and the next question
is will the school get some chairs.