Weather Catastrophe

Weather Catastrophe

Students and staff at Norton canes high school have been fretting over the unpredictable weather 

patterns over the last few weeks. There have been many floods, strong winds, heavy snow storms and unusually low temperatures.

The school grounds have been receiving severe weather conditions, yet still the grounds seem to get worse each and every day. One of the bad days was a strong wind on the 11th of March causing movement from outdoor classes tricky. 

English teacher Mrs Witton said this: “It was around 4 o’clock and I was crossing from the outdoor French department to the English and as the wind picked up, I was blown around.”

The flooding, however, was worse in other parts of the UK. The boss of the Environment Agency, Lord Smith has said, “Taking action today to prepare and adapt homes and businesses is vital.”

By Francesca and Millie, Year 7