Students from 7A and 8A both say that everyone got instruments
that they had never played or probably even touched before.
They had to learn how to play an instrument properly and learn
what each note meant. One of the teachers at Norton Canes High
School walked in during one of the children’s music lessons.

He said, “7a, lesson 1. They were keen and enthusiastic. However,
they realised that there was a lot of hard work to do and on day one
they couldn’t even get a sound out of the mouthpiece.”

When years seven first arrive at Norton Canes High School
everyone that gets put into set A for music all get given a musical

At the start of year 7 you get to choose what kind of
brass instrument you want. The choices are trumpets, trombones,
euphoniums, clarinets, and last but not least flutes.

A lot of people chose their instrument and then a few weeks later
they were given an instrument. 

This was not necessarily the
instrument that each student wanted but it had to be one that they
had never played before.

By Morgan, Year 7