NORTON CANES HIGH SCHOOL has started an exciting project where the whole class
got to learn to play a brand new musical instrument it started in September 2012.

This is happening so that some of year 7 and 8 can learn to play an instrument that
they haven’t played before. To help with this teachers from Staffordshire Performing Arts
come in to school to help everyone with their instrument along with the music teacher Mr Walker.

Students were very excited to learn how to play their chosen instrument, however it wasn’t as
easy as the thought it was going to be.

Mr Cresswell one of the teachers said,”The students were keen but they couldn’t get a sound
out of a mouthpiece “a lot of practice was in order. There was a range of instruments for the
students to choose from there was flute, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, euphonium and trumpet.

The students got to try out all the instruments to narrow it down to their top three instruments then
the teachers pick one the students chosen instrument for them to learn to play.
Luke in year 7 said” I got the trumpet and it was harder than I expected “. A student in year 7
said that “it was something they look forward to every week “and they were excited to know that
a famous saxophonist Yolanda brown was coming in to do a lesson and a concert with the year 7

So far year 7 have learnt Jingle bells, Rolling Along and a few more songs, however all these
songs mean extra practice at home. There are still lots of fun songs and performances for them
to enjoy. Everyone seems to be happy with their chosen instrument and can’t wait to play at year
7’s first concert to show off what they have learnt.

By Millie, Year 7