In 2012, the company Yamaha organised a class band project in
three different high schools in Staffordshire. In two schools the
lessons take place weekly and this has been happening since last
year in September 2012. So far this project has been a great
success, especially at Norton Canes High School. 

Most pupils had
not played an instrument before so it was a “fun but educational
experience” Those who had played an instrument before were
given a new one that they enjoyed the most in practice so they
weren’t ahead the rest of the class.

So far year 7 have learned how to play jingle bells and rolling along
which they found quite a challenge. We had quite a wide variety of
instruments to choose from; there was the trombone, clarinet, flute,
euphonium, saxophone and the trumpet. 

Students in the class said
things like “it was hard at first, learning a new instrument but now I
love it!” and” it’s my favourite lesson because I learn a new tune every
week”. The enthusiasm has thrilled and my fellow classmates they all
love their new instruments. They are also extremely excited that the
YouTube saxophonist celebrity Yolanda Brown is coming in to perform
with them to parents and friends.

By Ashleigh, Year 7