Yamaha’s class band project became a big success
after they came to Norton Canes High School.
It started off that everyone got an instrument but it was
very difficult to start with.

Mr Cresswell, a teacher at the school, says “On the
first lesson everybody was keen, enthusiastic and
highly motivated, however realised lot of hard work and
lot of practice was needed from day one. 

The students
were keen but achieved no sound out of the mouth piece
without the instrument attached.”

Other teachers also said that was a good friendly
environment the children were friendly and really enjoyed
playing their instruments. 

Students in year 8 have still
carried on playing their instruments for the year 8 class
band. Mr Walker, the conductor said the band is as bad as
its worst player and so all the students have to practise at
When the year 7s went up to year 8 it carried on and then
the New Year sevens took their places.

By Aime, Year 7