BKV Poetry Competition

A small group of students, led by Year 9 student Millie Edwards, have created poetry on the theme of Remembrance, looking back at VE Day 1945.

The students used the story ‘Waiting for Peace’ by Michelle Magorian as a stimulus. The idea of printing a poem on ceramic panels was inspired by the idea of engravings on a war memorial or even a burial stone – an idea presented by Steven Schnabel, Year 11.

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The poetry is being entered into a competition run by the Community Council of Staffordshire  (http://www.staffs.org.uk/). The Community Council of Staffordshire is actively engaged in protecting and improving the quality of life for all those living or working in the communities of Staffordshire by promoting self-help initiatives within communities, especially those in rural areas.  It organizes and judges the Best Kept Village Competition, which  aims to encourage community spirit and stimulate pride in villages.

Last Year, Norton Canes High School won a prize of £75 for its contribution to the School Competition.