Women’s Football – Would you like to play?

Would you like to play football? Find new friends? Keep fit?

Trails are being held at BRERETON TOWN F.C. during the Summer holidays for women players.  The team’s aim is promote women’s football and  encourage young women to participate. The team will find a place for everyone who  shows an interest.

The trials will be held in  Ravenhill Park, Brereton, WS15 1DS  on Sunday 7th June at 12pm. All are welcome, regardless of  experience. Players must be 16+ by September 1st.

For more information please contact: CRAIG HUGHES, Manager, on: 07437781202 or email: craighughes1990@live.co.uk

BKV Poetry Competition

A small group of students, led by Year 9 student Millie Edwards, have created poetry on the theme of Remembrance, looking back at VE Day 1945.

The students used the story ‘Waiting for Peace’ by Michelle Magorian as a stimulus. The idea of printing a poem on ceramic panels was inspired by the idea of engravings on a war memorial or even a burial stone – an idea presented by Steven Schnabel, Year 11.

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The poetry is being entered into a competition run by the Community Council of Staffordshire  (http://www.staffs.org.uk/). The Community Council of Staffordshire is actively engaged in protecting and improving the quality of life for all those living or working in the communities of Staffordshire by promoting self-help initiatives within communities, especially those in rural areas.  It organizes and judges the Best Kept Village Competition, which  aims to encourage community spirit and stimulate pride in villages.

Last Year, Norton Canes High School won a prize of £75 for its contribution to the School Competition.


Year 11 Leavers

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Year 11 are leaving us on Friday. Today they collected their LEAVERS’ hoodie, which has our school name and and the name of every student in Year 11.

Niamh Walker commented, ” Twelve years of education, 18 exams,  one important piece of paper, and best of all, this jumper!”

Thank you to Andrea Tomkinson and Mrs Diggory for organizing this special memento of Norton Canes High School.

Art Competition Winners

Miss Evans does love a good art competition!

As part of our enrichment program, we encourage students to take part in both local and National art competitions….and we are very often rewarded for our hard work!

You may remember from the Christmas Newsletter that the British Legion invited us to design a t-shirt to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of World war 1. These designs are on display in the Health Centre in the village.

We are very proud that LEWIS BOTT in Year 8 has been nominated as REGIONAL WINNER for the West Midlands.  Lewis will feature in the British Legion newsletter and he will receive his prize after half-term.



A very different competition was that to create a piece of horse-related artwork for the Grand National. Sadly, our students didn’t win, but their work was ‘commended’ and they  were awarded a very special rosette by Gartmore Riding Stables. Those awarded were John Walker, Mia Smith, Tia Robinson and Danni Bourne.


BKV judging starts soon!

Norton Canes has yet again entered into the BEST KEPT VILLAGE  competition. Members of the Parish Council and Mrs Dewally from school spent 30th April preparing for the judges. Many pieces of visual art have been created by the school in conjunction with local groups and can now be viewed around the village.

‘BKV Trees’ have been decorated by the High School – we used ceramic shapes to create SEASONAL CERAMICS, which is positioned outside the Methodist Church. We also created LOVE OUR LITTER, which is decorated with tin can hearts and shapes. Norton Primary took part in an art workshop lead by Millie Edwards and Francesca Russell from Year 9. They have a tree outside the Community Centre called REMEMBER OUR SOLDIERS, which  honours soldiers who fought in the World Wars. The Craft Club (based in the library) visited the High School on a couple of Wednesdays to create their tree, called BEAUTIFUL RECYCLING. This is made up of plastic bottles and is rather spectacular! The final tree will hopefully be placed outside the funeral directors and is by the Watercolour Club and has beautiful painted postcards of the village.

High School students have also created two mosaic panels which now adorn the noticeboard. The  mosaic panels have been created  to celebrate BKV 2015. In one panel, Norton Canes is represented as it is in 2015, whereas the second panel reflects upon its past, in particular its mining heritage. The idea for the composition came from the archeological discovery of the STAFFORDSHIRE HOARD in a neighbouring parish. As if unearthed during an archaeological dig, each tile emerges from the soil to afford a glimpse into important elements of village life.

Alongside all of this, the KNIT AND KNATTER group have been knitting and crocheting flowers to display around the village…you can see them in the unlikeliest of places!

Help us impress the judges by looking after our displays and by putting your litter in the bin. We will keep you posted…

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Schools in Harmony Gallery

Norton students were proud to take part in the Schools in Harmony concert at the Prince of Wales Theatre on 25th March alongside other local schools.

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